Dog! Camera! Action!TM

Capture your dog's spirit

Dog running

Dog! Camera! Action!TM is a high-energy off-leash photo shoot for the greatest dog on earth...YOURS! Professional sports photographer and dog enthusiast, Jeff Moffett, will capture your dog running free in a natural environment.

Jeff is an accomplished sports photographer with regular assignments shooting the NFL, MLB, MLS and Division I college sporting events. His work has been seen in numerous national publications including Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and TV Guide. He'll use the same camera and long lens that captures NFL quarterbacks on Sundays to preserve a lasting memory of your dog. Jeff's action photography experience and professional equipment translate into beautiful action photos of your dog.

Packages start as low as $150. We encourage you to browse through our site and contact us with any questions. When you're ready to launch your dog's super model career, complete our no obligation sign up form and we'll schedule a shoot!